We are a company specializing in the production and sale of terrace and facade profiles from Siberian larch and pine. The uniqueness of our company lies in the fact that as the only one in our territory, it is import this freshsawn boards directly from Siberian producers. Secondary production is focused on the production of terrace boards and planed lumber, especially from Siberian larch and pine ...

Enthusiasts of wooden buildings can choose from our wide range of various planed lumber, s4s, TNG and the like. Carpenters will also enjoy themselves, who will be particularly interested in large-scale material to produce kitchen units, built-in cabinets and other furniture.

Tiles and floor tiles

We offer wooden tiles and tiles from siberian larch and pine, ...


We produce terraces and facades from woods that have a natural long-term durability and that do not require demanding maintenance or treatment - Siberian larch, pine, thermal pine.


We offer a wide range of quality materials for the implementation of wooden constructions, such as fresh sawn boards, planed planks and boards, fence boards, ...

Building timber, Joinery timber, Large area material

We offer lumber for carpenters, roofers, large-area material and worktops for furniture, ...


We are planing boards purchased from us or you can bring your material for planing.

Assembly from our materials

We carry out the installation of ventilated facades, wooden terraces, wooden buildings, gazebos, cottages, interior floating floors, ...


We also offer transport to your home by van or truck.
Current: Our drivers are equipped with a veil, disinfection.

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